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Meet a few of the Modern Work Suites & Studio tenants who are already enjoying the benefits of Omaha’s newest and most unique shared work space.

It’s easy. Pick the space that fits your business.

You will work with our staff interior designer to select your furnishings. Then you can choose your level of Internet service and you’re ready to join in with other entrepreneurs. It’s one price for your office and then you share the amenities, including conference rooms, a business service center and collaborative work areas. When it’s time to unwind, hit the low-impact gym. You can recharge in the large common living room or take your break at “The Mixx Lounge”.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

A brilliant idea for a new way to establish your business!

Curt Brannon, founder of Modern Work Suites and Studios discusses the his vision for a 60’s styled work environment, and how it’s origins will make an enjoyable place to do business.

Mr. Video is First to Join

Kevin Hart, the owner of Mr. Video reveals why Modern Work Suites & Studios is the perfect choice for his business. Kevin explains the key features of Modern Work and how they benefit him and his business.

the hottest thing in leasing office space today!

Curt Brannon  describes the concept and benefits of the shared workspace. Curt details the advantages of Modern Work, and the numerous amenities offered in this unique business eco-system.